Extraordinary people from business, sport, culture, technology, art, media, social affairs or entertainment make brandhub academy unique. Role models instead of experts and advisors.


Customer enthusiasm is the crown of customer orientation. Magic world champion Pat Perry offers this rare feeling of enthusiasm. Very close, very simple, funny, inspiring, taken from life.


Co-Founder of WeRobotics. As an unconventional thinker, she turns an entire industry upside down and bridges the digital divide by bringing together industry, NGOs and governments in developing countries.

Dominik Neidhart

America's Cup winner with the Alinghi winning team and 10 times sailing world champion. After twelve years of top performance on the high seas, he knows what top teams all are about: Cooperation is key to winning the race!

Eina Ahluwalia

As the first 'conceptual jewellery artist' in India, she set trends early and broke through traditional patterns. The entrepreneur creates jewellery that is worn by big stars because of its meaningfulness and political significance.


World-renowned violinist, visionary, entrepreneur, mastermind & innovator. Cultural ambassador of the Republic of Slovenia and professor of art and leadership.


Keeping life in constant motion, trying out new things and leaving old things behind. Marc A. Pletzer is a best-selling book author, NLP trainer with heart and soul and loves big goals.

Bettina Spichiger

Appreciation is followed by added value. The author and trainer supports companies so that soft factors such as empathy, appreciation and interpersonal communication become hard facts.


Business transformation with the necessary foresight and a broad wealth of experience in business and sport.

Wisi Zgraggen

There is no such thing as "it won't work". In his younger farmer years, he lost both arms and today, thanks to his iron will and positive attitude to life, he runs his farm with great success.


In the year 2008, she arrived in Beijing with 2 suitcases full of wine samples and that’s when the adventure began. The successful entrepreneur did not teach the Chinese the meaning of fear, but the meaning of wine drinking. Today she runs Cheers Wines with over 50 stores.

Nick Atkinson

First, he learned the acting craft from scratch, played at the big theatres in England, then he founded his company in Hong Kong. Since 2015, he has shown talents and executives how to act in communication and performance.

Carlos Lima

Handball player, leader and entrepreneur with passion: 181 international games, championship titles in Germany, Spain and Switzerland, leader and captain of the national handball team for many years.

Heinz Ramseier

The new luxury paradigm. He is hired by the world's finest brands because luxury today means far more than excessive parties, diamond necklaces and super yachts.

Serge Gysi

How do the skills, behaviours, knowledge and attitudes of top sellers differ from the average? Serge Gysi is THE challenger. With the goal of becoming more creative and better.

Serge Cvetkovic

He went the hard and painful way to become a kung fu master. Today he uses the thousands of years old art of archery to enable people to become masters themselves.

Bob Leslie

As an ice hockey trainer, team manager and official, he worked for First League clubs in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Leadership with the qualties of a man of action.

Tatjana Strobel

The best-selling author and creative-successful entrepreneur knows the secrets of action competence and helps people to master their careers more successfully and to make life more relaxed.

Martin Jucker

What once began with a handful of pumpkin seeds became an exciting success story. The trained fruit grower and pioneer is now an award-winning entrepreneur and constantly surprises with innovative ideas.

Céline Renaud

The influential entrepreneur combines innovation, sustainability and art in a unique way. Not only does she herself shine on stage, but she also coaches people to perform in front of an audience.

Henry Shukman

Award-winning writer, poet and Zen master at the Rio Grande Mindfulness Institute and Mountain Cloud Zen Centre. With an air of simplicity, he shows ways to cultivate inner strength and master the hectic world more easily.

Corey Lien

As a serial entrepreneur and investor, he built companies in various industries. As a co-founder of B-Corp Asia-Pacific, he promotes social enterprises and advises companies on sustainable management.

Jamling Tenzing Norgay

He followed his father’s footstep: Mount Everest first climber Sherpa Tenzing. As the star of David Breashears’ Imax film “Everest” he helped to lead the expedition safely to the summit and back at the risk of his own life.

Marc Gassert

Marc Gassert spent a large part of his life in different cultures on different continents and learned Asian martial arts from renowned grandmasters. He is a role model for self-discipline and willpower.

Franz Dängeli

Director, theatre pedagogue and founder of act-back. In realistic performances, he and his actors captivate the audience, give them a new vantage point, open up new perspectives, and set things in motion.

Sahar Hashemi

The best-selling author is one of the most inspiring British entrepreneurs and masterminds of innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to Coffee Republic, the first coffee bar chain in the tea country of Great Britain, she founded Skinny Candy, a second successful company.

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