A step ahead with new insights

The brandhub academy leads companies and the people who work there to sustainable success and onto new paths thanks to extraordinary methods.

Learning from role models

brandhub people are people from the fields of economy, sport, culture, technology, art, media, social affairs or entertainment who have achieved outstanding results in practice. In the Academy they share their experiences, strategies and methods with the participants. Their passion helps other people become successful.

Performance learning curve

Good performance alone is no longer good enough. It is increasingly being overtaken by the speed of change and by new demands. An accelerated learning curve is vital in order to keep pace.

Entrepreneurial learning

Companies and employees need the same mindset to be successful. The entrepreneurial mix of methods of the brandhub academy puts a special focus on the development of entrepreneurial skills - away from execution and on to responsible design.

Culture and generation mix

With participants from all five continents, the brandhub academy works not only interculturally, but also across generations, functions and hierarchies. The more precisely the participants represent the structure of a company, the easier it is to implement what they have learned.

Implementing instead of just knowing

Experience shows: everyday life kicks in 72 hours after training at the latest. The five-stage concept of the brandhub academy, based on the idea of closed-loop learning, ensures that the lessons learned during training are sustainably incorporated into the company and implemented.

Large groups

The brandhub academy specializes in large groups of 30 to 80 people. This way, specific methods can be used, networking can be activated, and a special dynamic is built up. Large groups reduce the investment per participant without compromising quality.

Whoever is curious, learns more!

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