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5 Star Plus Service

“Sir, Sir… I have your Bookmarks!” I was just about to open the door to my hotel room when a room attendant approached me. Somewhat confused, I asked him what he meant by bookmarks. “YOUR Bookmarks Sir.”

I was traveling through India where I was conducting a talent program for an international company. From the very first moment I arrived at the hotel I appreciated the warm and professional service I was greeted with. But I must say, this employee surpassed everything I had seen so far.

He presented me, not without pride, three strips of paper in the form of bookmarks. Only when I took a closer look did I discover the titles of my books, which were lying on the bedside table. I was totally amazed and surprised. “Did you make these? I asked him. “Yes Sir, it was a pleasure,” he said. Since I had no money on me and needed to return to the training room quickly, there was nothing more I could do but say “Thank you very much, I really appreciate what you’ve done”. This did not diminish his cordiality in any manner. He wished me a good day with and added that I could contact him if I needed something. (Needless to say, I later left a tip for him on the pillow and a note with a special thanks).

To me, this was the kind of 5 Star Plus Service that is seldom experienced. A simple idea in fact…but as is so often the case in life, one first has to come up with such an idea before implementing it.

By the way: Where do your customers experience the 5 Star Plus Service?

All the best!

Ralph Hubacher

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