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The 100s list

Many people are world champions when it comes to nagging, criticizing and complaining. I’m not even talking about complaining about other people, but much more about oneself. It is easy for us to find hundreds of things we wish we were better at. I once decided to turn the tables…

… and created the following list: ‘100 things I’m really good at’. From time to time I hand out such lists to my workshop participants, only to see the surprised, frightened or amused expressions on their faces. Many participants first believe it’s a joke when I ask them to create their own lists, especially when they find out they have one hour to tackle this topic. However, it is worth mentioning that some participants aced this assignment in 28 minutes.

The ‘I’ll never make it’ mindset often encountered by participants during a workshop constitutes an obstacle at the beginning of a task. Some participants actually deem it easier to list their bad qualities to the extent that the bad qualities overweigh the positive ones. Personally, I find this not only a shame, but also a waste of talent, particularly when it comes to teamwork. In many cases, not only do the bosses have little knowledge of the abilities of their employees, but even team members hardly know anything about their colleagues’ talents. There’s no need to run over hot coals, hold hands and shout Chacka-Chacka out loud. A little more awareness of one’s own talents and a well-managed exchange of ideas costs little and has a significant effect.

The 100s list can be applied for various purposes. For example, when choosing a candidate for the final round, or looking for a new CEO to take office.

By the way: It is important that all participants maintain a positive attitude when preparing their lists. Ironic or sarcastic remarks such as “I’m good at not being able to concentrate well” and similar weak answers are of no use to anyone.

All the best!

Ralph Hubacher

The best tool is the right method

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