What happens when you put your superior up for auction on eBay?
How does the “Mayo” principle work?
When is Maslow upside down?
Where is it allowed to kiss for a maximum of 3 minutes?
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Tuesday 16.07.2019 - in Business

The manager misconception

Many managers have the misconception that they are being remembered for their projects. However, in times of rapid change, these are just as quickly forgotten as ice melts in the sun. What really matters is something else entirely… There is no shortage of projects in a company. Usually, managers are ...

Tuesday 16.07.2019 - in Business

Customer priming

Imagine, friends had invited you to play “Trivial Pursuit”. Five minutes before you start, the host asks one half of the group to imagine being a professor while playing. The other half is supposed to imagine to be hooligans. What do you think would happen? Two Dutch psychologists who have ...

Tuesday 16.07.2019 - in Business

Thank you Do-hower!

4 weeks of paid time off: Two in Namibia and two on a private safari in Botswana. Including Victoria Falls and a tour of the Okovango Delta. Unique, fantastic, amazing. After a month’s break, back to the office… that’s really tough. You would think. You can find out in the ...

Tuesday 16.07.2019 - in Business

Sorry! That’s not enough…

“I need the first week of my vacation time to switch off from work, the second to relax and the third to enjoy”. A colleague told me recently. Years ago I would have agreed with this statement, but then I radically changed something… … because during a professional training, I ...

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